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Artists - Online Gallery - Jacque Schafer

For more information visit Jacque online or email Jacque.
To book a performance call 512-350-4113.
To contact Southstar, visit Southstar's site or call 615-731-6703.

FROM DEEP IN THE HEART OF TEXAS comes a vocalist with lots of heart herself. Austin's Jacque Schafer, songwriter and song stylist with talent to spare!

Jacque's repertoire is remarkably eclectic, ranging from toe-tapping country to heartfelt Gospel, from torchy ballads to the hippest of pop. She has been a fixture on the national music scene since she was a teenager, in both groups and solo performances. She has appeared on nationally broadcast Television shows, and showed off her large fan base by taking second place in a Nashville talent contest decided by internet voting.

Although she delights in singing country music (having opened for Eddie Rabbit, The Whites, Tommy Cash and Chubby Checker), she has a particular love for Gospel. Her serious stroke in 1999 left her unable to walk, let alone perform. After ten months of rehabilitation, she bravely continued her music career, allowing her miraculous recovery to be a testimony to her faith. Jacque has also received Service Awards from her involvement in Special Olympics, The Old Bakery and Emporium, National thespian Society and Hays Center for Abused Women and Children, which is a special interest to Jacque.

Her subsequent album release, “Walkin' Slowly on Burning Coals” contained both country and Gospel cuts; all self-penned, and was well received by the public. She has recently recorded a new two-song single in Nashville, and has showcased for three major labels. Broken Bow Records said, “Good looks, great songs…Lots of energy and a great writer”. Zion Records said, “great presentation and styling”.

Jacque is available for live performance or studio demo recording, wherever her skills are needed. She is currently under management to Southstar Creative Group of Nashville, Tennessee.

Hear her once and remember her forever. THE ANGEL OF AUSTIN, JACQUE SCHAFER!

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Jacque, on the over of her album, Walking Slowly on Burning Coals.

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