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A man playing a saxophone on stage. Painting of a hand cupped around a tiny infant. Vibrantly colored painting of geometric renderings of faces. A woman sculpting a bust out of clay. Close-up of a painting of a human eye in shades of black, red and orange. A woman performing in a play on stage. A young boy smiling at a hand puppet. An exuberant group of participants in the Actual Lives program. A young boy participating in the Arts Alive program. Painting with white and blue hair-like strokes on a background of deep turquoise.

Artists - Online Gallery - Joney Jackson

For purchase information contact Joney at 512-376-2690 or email Joney Jackson.

I was born in the Spring of 1960 in San Antonio, Tx. the youngest of four daughters and fourth generation Texan. My father was stationed at Brooks AFB. My mother, a homemaker, seamstress, and also worked with plaster of paris, painting and selling various statues. She played classical piano, which I feel blessed to have been able to listen to throughout my childhood.

I became interested in drawing in very early childhood as soon as I was old enough to hold a pencil at about the age of three or four. I would draw on notebook paper and add color with crayons.

I have been crafting and playing with wood since about the age of eight, selling my bead bracelets to family friends and at school, and at the age of twelve made macramé plant hangers which I sold to a local nursery for about three years.

I attended school in Houston where I started playing the alto saxophone at the age of eleven and continued playing till my early twenties.

Always having a strong desire to be close to nature, I enjoyed many childhood years of tending to my horse and riding in solitude often from early morning till late evening, having easy access to thousands of acres of virgin land in the tall Pines of Spring, Texas.

Hobbies include, listening to music, swimming, bicycle riding, gardening, and taking strolls with my dog down my trails.

Giving birth to my son in 1978 in Corpus Christi, we moved with my mom to Lockhart in 1986. My son, Shane, daughter-in-law, Christine, and Grandkids, Shelly, born in 1999, and Evan born in 2004 all reside in Conroe. All four have made me a very proud mom and Grandma!

My husband, Darius, together since 1988, and I, moved onto our 7.57 acre spread in Uhland in 1997. I enjoy sculpting my trees and helping with the mowing, and simply being outdoors. We planted about fifty tree babies which I have very much enjoyed caring for.

"BRILLIANT COLORINGS" oil-pencil on velum- by Joney Jackson-Fractals and Sacred Geometry Art


"As a self-taught artist with Asperger's it is my goal to improve one's mood as their mind gets a real work-out!"

I do all my drawings on graph paper using only a compass and straight edge. I then tape a high quality velum over my drawing and trace and color a little each day using Prismacolor oil-pencils. Time invested; forty to seventy hours. I try and complete one each month.

I have been creating Fractals and Sacred geometry Art since September of 2001, and have over two hundred designs.

I have never taken an art course, but did attend Industrial Drafting and Design School in Houston in 1978 where I learned mechanical drawing.

My originals are 8.5"X11" which allows me to easily scan them onto discs for making prints.

Check out these slideshow videos of my art on YouTube:

Joney Jackson's Gallery

White on Light Aqua and Black Geometrical
Hand crafted frame from recycled old barnwood and/or old fencing, hand,sanded and finished, (with tung-oil) and signed by Joney, 22.25"X26", $150
Blackbird in the Treetops
Signed ink-jet print on photo paper, 16"X20", $150
Multicolored Vortex
Handcrafted frame from old recycled barnwood and/or cedar fencing, hand,sanded and finished (with tung-oil), initialed by Joney, 10.25"X 8.25", $45
Multicolored Flowers
Initialed ink-jet print on photo paper, 3.75"X 4.75", $45
Terra Cotta and White on Green Geometrical
Original,coloring (will consider selling original), any size print available up,to 24"X36". Custom frames made from old recycled wood, (most are cedar),also available. Please allow 6 weeks for frame. Prices Vary.
Yen Yang
Original coloring. (will consider selling original). Any size print available up to 24"X36". Custom frames made from old recycled wood, (most are cedar), also available. Please allow 6 weeks for frame. Prices Vary.
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