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Artists - Online Gallery - Josh Wise

Josh Wise lives in a small community called Blackjack about 25 miles east of Nacogdoches Texas. He is a spring 2005 graduate of Stephen F. Austin State University with a double major in poli-sci and history. He loves to read, watch sports, listen to country music, fish, and hunt.

Other hobbies include swimming and following current events. The book Sketches of American History and Sports Moments is 24 pages in length and contains 20 poems. It is soft cover and costs $6. E-mail Josh for information on how to order.

"I write because sports and history are two of my passions and I felt that some of the major events in these areas deserved tribute."

Sample Poems

A September To Remember

The Bulldog was at full bite
Every fifth night
With a Heater that left a vapor trail
In any hitter's sight
An “Uncle Charlie” that was nastier
Than any horror in Wes Craven's night
A Change up that seemed to stop in mid flight
By the time his feast was over
There were five scoreless nights
And the boys in blue had been lifted to October heights

October Lightning

Cinderella was not even supposed to be at the ball
However, on this particular night in the fall
She would do a little more than just go to the ball
By night's end she would rejoice at her stepsister's fall
As the night began, Cinderella appeared to have the upper hand
Just then the evil stepsisters struck a mighty blow
Courtesy of Mister Conseco
Cinderella felt as if she had finally lost her Mojo
A hard earned dance prevented her KO
In the final act the evilest stepsister was ready to strike the final blow
But up stepped a wounded hero
And with an unexpected blow
The stepsisters went down via TKO


Was stranger than fiction
In Memphis someone eliminated the leader of the civil rights friction
In LA another son fell to assassination
Later that summer heads were busted at the convention
Out of the confusion came Nixon
Mexico City became one big conflagration
Prague found out what happens if you buck Soviet domination
Our own racial tensions threatened the stability of the nation
The negative turn of things in Southeast Asia did not help the situation
In Beijing there was Mao's cultural revolution
In this year there was hardly a nation
That did not experience upheaval and confusion


The Olympics were black
In a landslide Nixon was back
The basketball Gold was totally out of whack
The war that had a nation on the rack was coming to an end
A scandal born in this year knocked his administration on its back
The A's got their dynasty on track
CCR had a hit-making knack
Efforts for peace did not lack
The ice seemed to crack

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