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A man playing a saxophone on stage. Painting of a hand cupped around a tiny infant. Vibrantly colored painting of geometric renderings of faces. A woman sculpting a bust out of clay. Close-up of a painting of a human eye in shades of black, red and orange. A woman performing in a play on stage. A young boy smiling at a hand puppet. An exuberant group of participants in the Actual Lives program. A young boy participating in the Arts Alive program. Painting with white and blue hair-like strokes on a background of deep turquoise. Man in a wheelchair viewing artwork in a gallery. Blind artist standing in front of his work. Group of women performing with colored scarves. Man speaking into a microphone with open captioning on a large screen behind him. Group of young students playing a musical game with the teacher.

Programs - Veteran Services

VSA Texas started services specifically for veterans with disabilities/wounded warriors in 2009. We host an annual exhibition of veterans artwork and provide opportunities year-round for artists to get involved with our Artworks: Creative Industries professional development program. We also work with arts organizations statewide to forge partnerships with vet organizations to provide art programs for veterans and military families.

The 6th Annual Distinguished Artist Veterans Exhibit

On view at:
The Art Center of Corpus Christi
Kucera Gallery
100 Shoreline Blvd
Corpus Christi, TX 78401
September 2-27, 2015

Opening Reception: Friday, September 4th 5-7 pm

View artwork by 16 Texas veteran artists in this annual exhibition featuring paintings, drawings, sculptures, and photography. These works cover themes related to their service ranging from the Korean War to OEF/OIF conflicts, as well as themes from their civilian lives. See the world through the eyes of those who served us in this thought provoking exhibition.

(l-r) Gild the Lili © 2014 Louis A. Garcia; Buffalo Soldier Horace © 2014 Perry Jeffries; Persistence © 2015 Harvey Crouch

2015 National Veterans Creative Arts Festival Austin Winners!

Congratulations to three local artists who entered the Local VA Creative Arts Competition at the Austin VA Outpatient Clinic and placed in the National Competition.

James A. Barnes won 3rd Place in the Metalwork category for his Horsehead Horseshoe Jewelry/Key Hanger (pictured).

David Romero won 3rd Place in the Senior Vocal Solo category for his rendition of “One Day at a Time”.

Rod Sigler was a tied winner for 1st place in the Original Vocal category for his song “We Are Veterans". Here is a recording (WAV file, 39.7 MB) and the lyrics of the song below.

Rod will be attending the festival in Chapel Hill, NC on October 18, 2015 and will be part of the stage show.

2015 National Veterans Creative Arts Festival
Events Open to the Public - Sunday, October 18, 2015
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
114 E. Cameron Avenue
Chapel Hill, NC
Art Exhibit – 12 noon – 1:45 pm - Gerrard Hall
Stage Show - 2:00 pm – Memorial Hall
Visit National Veterans Creative Arts Festival website

We Are Veterans © Rod Sigler

Together we stand, and divided we fall
so give up the praise for the ones who blazed and no they never did fall
With their backs and their hands, you know protect this land
on their shoulders we stand, every woman every man…
they did it
brother to brother, sister to sister, love one another, We are the Veterans
We'll do it
Brother to brother , sister to sister one another
We are the Veterans
Remembering where , this all first began
the nights and price we paid working for Uncle Sam... yeah
instead thinking about myself
my God I wonder what they felt
all of the pain, so many fears, we were the shield throughout the years.

So many died to keep us free
Whether desert land or sea
We knew one day... the sun it would shine
and the vets they could shout, victory is mine... but I betcha if
Each one can reach one we’ll be just fine
Listen up cuz this could blow your mind
Are you ready for your breakthrough
Don't you know that your next in line...

*****we are ****

oh say can you see
Veterans both strong and free
Brother come and take my hand,
Let me teach you how to stand
And now its time to dream,
achieve things we've never seen
let the action be so bold...
both young and old let the story be told today.

We are Veterans... that's what we are... oh yeah!!!!!!

Distinguished Artist Veterans: Working with Military Families in Texas

Based on our research in partnership with the Texas Commission on the Arts, we have found there is a growing need for arts related services for Texas veterans and military personnel in our communities. If you are an arts organization interested in learning more about providing art programs for veterans, examples of successful programs, and trainings on working with veterans and military families, please contact us. Download the Brochure Here

Looking for ways to connect with veterans in your area? Meet a peer specialist in your community through Visit Bring Everyone in the Zone.

Summary Reports from the National Initiative for Arts and Health in the Military

A National Action Plan is being developed that will ensure the availability of arts interventions for our service men and women and their families, and integrate the arts as part of the “Standard of Care” in military clinical as well as programs in community settings across the country. Read these two reports to find out what is happening around the US on this topic.

Download Report #1

Download Report #2

Veterans and the Arts: A Compilation of Resources

Thanks to funding from the National Arts and Disability Center and the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation we have developed a map and spreadsheet highlighting veteran specific arts programs happening all over the United States. Download the Resource and the Map Here

The Americans for the Arts is also working to compile a complete directory of individuals and organizations that support or provide programs and services, or information and resources in or about the arts for military service members, veterans and their families. View the National Initiative for Arts and Health in the Military Network Directory.

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